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As the natural progression of E-Commerce, M-Commerce is expected to account for an estimated 54% of total E-Commerce sales by 2021. Immerse your brand in its enormous growth potential by creating your very own mobile online store with iBuy and our optimized digital support. 

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E-Commerce success by going mobile

We're a locally-based digital platform, providing you with mobile E-Commerce solutions to help you quickly and easily customize and optimize your Online Store



By choosing iBuy as your guide, you'll have all the tools you need to create an attractive, comprehensive and satisfying experience for your customers.


Publish your very own blog for your app and establish comfortable communication between you and your customers without any external requirements


Keep track of your customer's orders with our elaborate
order management system, including orders that have
been fulfilled or refunded


Manage your inventory and keep track of your products
on our inventory management system


Add taxes to your products with no additional hassle or confusion


Handle a variety of shipping types including pickups and weight-based shipping, micromanaging it down to which zones you ship

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